3065  ────

Supervised by Kasia Ilczyszyn 
3065 (Fitzroy) is a photography zine that conveys the personality and character of the suburb’s residents through the facades of the homes they live in.

An observation: most streets throughout Melbourne are lined with fences that conceal the homes they border, however the low fences and shallow front gardens typical of Fitzroy homes allow an intimate glimpse into the lives of their occupants.

While many of these Fitzroy houses are architecturally similar, they vary immensely in character - a couch, string of fairy lights, hanging plant or bike on the porch can inspire a passerby to imagine the personality of the strangers living inside.

Unlike the sometimes overly manicured and contrived facades of homes in other Melburnian suburbs, these homes feel authentic and unaffected - 35mm film was used to try capture this feeling. While a publication’s cover usually seeks to conceal the contents inside - just as a fence usually forms a barrier between the private and public domain - 3065’s semi translucent cover is symbolic of many Fitzroy dwellings.